Politica SA8000


The General Management and all the management of CANALE S.R.L., through this policy recognizes and promotes the values and fundamental rights of man and what is contained in the SA8000:2014 standard. The Company, in compliance with the company’s primary objective of growing in the market by offering job opportunities and guaranteeing the principle of creating wealth and value, intends to promote and maintain internal procedures, in compliance with the requirements of the SA8000: 2014 standard, the ILO Conventions and the laws in force on collective bargaining.



CANALE  S.R.L.  recognizes the ethical values of respect for human rights as a central role in the company’s strategy.

The citizen and the community, increasingly aware of the need to respect fundamental human values, want to know not only the level of quality of the service, but also the ways in which it is provided and the related social cost in terms of ethical, environmental, health and safety factors.

In consideration of these aspects and the social value of the services provided, the company intends to support human values and adopt socially responsible behavior, managing its business in a correct and attentive way to the expectations of all interested parties. To pursue this goal, the commitment is aimed at the continuous improvement of all aspects related to social responsibility.

The primary objective of the company is to obtain complete and continuous customer satisfaction, the only way to entrepreneurial success and the development of its activities.

However, this development must take place in a way compatible with the whole system / environment, so, in addition to maintaining high quality standards and achieving adequate levels of personnel safety, environmental protection must also be taken into account.

The Management therefore intends to pursue a modern integrated management of Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, aiming at an optimization of the resources and means used, in order to guarantee:

  • Full customer satisfaction.
  • Excellence in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability, price, service and image.
  • The continuous improvement of business processes, related environmental and safety aspects.
  • Constant prevention of pollution.
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations on environmental protection, safety in the workplace, workers’ rights.
  • Respect for the principles contained in the ILO Conventions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Convention to Eliminate Forms of Discrimination against Women and all Conventions/ Declarations/ Covenants referred to in point II of Standard SA8000.
  • The reduction and, if possible, the elimination of all risk factors related to the activities carried out.
  • Absolute equality between the sexes.
  • Compliance with collective work agreements and supplementary company contracts.
  • The search for open and collaborative dialogue with stakeholders in full respect of the spirit of cooperation and human solidarity.


To implement the Policy, the company constantly promotes and develops the following activities:

  • Information, training/ training, awareness-raising, consultation and involvement of all staff in the field of Environment, Safety, Quality and Social Responsibility.
  • Dissemination of information at all levels.
  • Implementation of an Integrated Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001, A 8000 and Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent.m amendments and its adaptation according to market evolution, the legislative framework and internal processes.
  • Involvement of the whole company in policies to safeguard human rights and continuous monitoring of critical situations.
  • Definition and application of a policy of collaboration and communication with customers.
  • Involvement of Suppliers and Outsourcers for the purpose of continuous improvement of the product / service provided, extending to them the Policy, the requirements and the ethical-social, environmental and safety values recognized by the company.
  • Open collaboration with Customers, Suppliers, Local Authorities, Control Authorities and Social Forces for the management of issues related to the protection of the environment, health, safety and workers rights.
  • Definition of performance indicators related to activities with significant impacts and risks and related objectives and targets.
  • Establishment of an open dialogue with interested parties through the communication of all the information necessary to evaluate and understand the aspects of Social Responsibility.
  • Assessment of health and safety risks.


For the above, the company is committed in all the plants it owns and / or management to improve its business processes and the quality of the service provided by seeking maximum customer satisfaction and contributing, as an active subject, to the growing attention to environmental issues and safety at work aimed at ensuring economic development that reduces the negative effects on the environment and on man, respecting the ethical-social values of the company.


Therefore, the Company’s policy is directed towards the following issues:


  • customer satisfaction, through:
    • the definition, formalization and dissemination of its Policy and Mission both within the company and outside;
    • communication with the customer and with the community in order to understand their needs;
    • the planning and implementation of services in order to meet the needs of users;
    • the involvement, motivation, collaboration and development of the professionalism of all staff;
    • involve its Suppliers in the process of continuous improvement of the services provided;
    • keep under control the quality level of the scheduled transport service provided in order to prevent disruptions;
    • improve the efficiency of the bus fleet by increasingly optimizing the scheduled maintenance of the vehicles;
    • computerize the management of processes in order to finalize them to define improvement objectives;
    • optimize cost management in order to offer more competitive services;
    • the implementation of a system of continuous improvement of its performance to adapt to the evolution of the sector, and the efficient management of its processes in order to make the best use of company resources;




  • the reduction of environmental impact and the protection of safety, through:
    • the definition, formalization and dissemination of this Policy;
    • the definition and achievement of environmental and safety improvement objectives;
    • the identification of environmental aspects and the assessment of their impacts and risks due to accidents, potential accidental events, emergency situations;
    • the retrieval of standards and laws, the management of regulatory updating, the study of applicability, and the stringent compliance with them also through internal audits, as well as the use of best practice standards;
    • the continuous improvement of its organizational and technical skills able to reduce the environmental impact and the risks related to its activities;
    • the control of its supply chain, not only from a qualitative point of view but also from an environmental and safety point of view;
    • the reduction of risk factors for the safety of personnel involved in various ways in business activities;
    • continuous adaptation to the growing social needs in the field of environmental protection and safety, anticipating them, where possible, through adequate planning of activities and initiatives in these fields;
    • the awareness of personnel, within the company and towards the outsiders involved in theCompany’s activities, through the dissemination of knowledge of the problems of environmental protection and safety and the related technical-organizational disciplines, providing training and environmental awareness activities for all employees;
    • the action of informing citizens and interested parties on the results achieved by the Company;


  • respect for the principles of Social Responsibility, through:
    • the transposition of national and local laws, employment contracts, the principles of the SA 8000 standard and international conventions relating to personnel management;
    • continuous action for staff development;
    • the continuous improvement of working conditions and actions relating to the health and safety of workers;
    • the selection and control of its suppliers to ensure the guarantees of compliance with the ethical-social principles to which the company conforms;
    • the dissemination of the principles of Social Responsibility outside the company;
    • the launch of social initiatives;
    • possibility of forwarding any reports / complaints to: reclami@nullcanalecostruzioni.com; fax +039  597834, or also:
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Reggio Calabria (RC), located in Via Quartiere Militare, 32 – CAP 89124 Reggio Calabria (RC), at the c.a. of the RLSA “Ms TROVATO Valeria”;
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Varese (VA), located in Via Risorgimento, 212 – 21040 Gerenzano (VA), at the c.a. of the RLSA “Mr. SERJANI Indrit”;
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Lecce (LE), located in Viale Great Britain, snc – ZIP code 73100 Lecce (LE), at the c.a. of the RLSA “Mr. CAPONE Luigi”;
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Pessano con Bornago (MI), located in Via J.F. Kennedy, 38 – 20060 Pessano con Bornago (MI), at the c. To. of the RLSA “Mr. MARRA Luigi”;
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Rozzano (MI), located in Via Olona, ​​9/11 – 20089 Rozzano (MI), at the c.a. of the RLSA “Mr. MESITI Fabio Salvatore”;
      • via mobile number (via WhatsApp APP): +039 3484610742; by post to the address: Social Performance Team SA 8000 at the company headquarters in Turin (TO), located in Via Stura, 1 – 10071 Borgaro Torinese (TO), at the c.a. of the RLSA “Mr. FOUND Gianluca”.


  • There is also the possibility to send reports to the following addresses of the certification body:
    • forwarding to the certification body – GCERTI ITALY S.R.L. “Certification Body” – Viale Virgilio 58 / C – 41123 Modena (MO); Tel. +39 059.788.01.52 – Fax +39 059.788.01.53; Operational Headquarters: Via S.S. 87, snc – 80026 Casoria (NA) – e-mail: signalazioni@nullgcerti.it;
    • forwarding to SAAS (Social Accountabilility Accreditation Service) – Accreditation Body – 15 West 44th Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10036 tel: (212) 391-2106 fax: (212) 684-1515; email: saas@nullsaasaccreditation.org


These communication tools have been implemented in order to ensure the anonymity of the person making the report.

The Company does not implement any form of retaliation or discrimination against the complainant.


  • Respect for the principles of Business Ethics through:
    • the adoption of the Code of Ethics and its dissemination;
    • the implementation of all the prevention measures necessary to ensure the full implementation of the Code of Ethics and compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 and subsequent


  • The conformity of the service provided and not that of the supplier, pursuant to the UNI–CIG 9165 standard:
    • analysing their characteristics in accordance with criteria such as the way in which the activitiesare carriedout, the operationof the servicesforgas distribution services with maximumoperating pressures of less than or equal to 5 bar. Design, construction andtesting.



The Management has defined a Policy and a Code of Ethics for Social Responsibility that contain:

  • The commitment to meet all the requirements of the SA8000 standard, and in particular the rules of conduct and the requirements for ethical and responsible behavior, with regard to the following requirements:
  • child work
  • forced work
  • health and safety in the company



  • freedom of association
  • discrimination (sexual or racial)
  • disciplinary practices
  • working hours
  • minimum wage
  • management system


  • The commitment to comply with national or other applicable law, international instruments and their interpretation and other commitments or agreements that CANALE S.R.L. subscribes;
  • The commitment to continuous improvement;


The document containing the Social Responsibility Policy is present in this Manual – Social Report has been disseminated, made understandable (written in different languages, in consideration of the country of origin of the personnel hired) and accessible to all staff, including officials, managers and any other person who represents the Company in any other way.

The operating methods of these communication and distribution activities are described in the Manual – Company Social Report.